Artemis ("Arte")
Artemis / Arte
Name Artemis / Arte
Kanji 葉月 / ルナ
Race Vampire
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown (younger than Hazuki)
Gender female
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Eyes Pink (red when full moon)
Hair Pink
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation "none"
Previous Occupation Princess
Personal Status
Marital Status single
Relatives Seine (Mother)
Hazuki's Father (Father)
Hazuki (Older Sister)
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut Episode 16
Video Game Debut Unknown
Media Appearances Unknown
Seiyū Sawa Ishige
Voice Actor Carrie Savage
Hazuki's younger sister, born to a different mother, Artemis envies her because of the attention their family dedicates to her older sister, and because of it Arte is determined to deprive Hazuki of everything and everyone she truly cares for, taking by force or destroying completely. In the series finale, she is taken into Morioka's family after the death of her guardian, Vargus. Kouhei manages to reach out to her and convinces her to open up to a new life with caring friends and family. She is a Shadow User. This means she can use her shadow, and turn it into a scythe, or a replica of her, etc. In the manga, she has been forcefully rejected by her father and taken into the care of Kouhei's father to act as a "replacement" in Hazuki's absence.