Hazuki / Lady Luna
Name Hazuki / Lady Luna
Kanji 葉月 / ルナ
Romanji Hazuki / Runa
Race Vampire
Birthday July 30th
Age 13
Gender female
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Eyes Purple (red when full moon)
Hair Raven (sometimes shown as dark purple or dark blue)
Unusual Features Is usually seen wearing cat ears
Professional Status
Affiliation Kouhei
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation "Housekeeper"
Previous Occupation none
Personal Status
Marital Status single
Relatives Seine (mother) Father Artemis (younger sister)
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut The Girl From Schwartzquelle
Anime Debut Big Brother, Be My Slave
Video Game Debut unknown
Media Appearances unknown
Seiyū Chiwa Saito
Voice Actor Monica Rial

Appearance Edit

Hazuki has large steel blue eyes and waist length indigo hair. She is mostly seen wearing gothic dresses, with white nekomimi (cat ears) above her head.

Personality Edit

Hazuki's personality is that of a self-centered, selfish young girl. Despite this, she has been shown to adjust her personality around strangers in order to tip them in her favor, as she does early on with Kouhei's grandfather. Later on she becomes more caring, though she still bursts out alot.

Special Ability Edit

Hazuki is one of the few Daywalker vampires.

Relationships Edit

Kouhei Edit

Kouhei saved Hazuki from imprisonment in the castle, and therefore Hazuki is in his debt. Of course, after biting Kouhei, Hazuki believes that he is her slave for most of the season, slowly showing more romantic feelings towards the end.

Artemis/Arte Edit

Artemis is Hazuki's younger half-sister. Their relationship begins later on in the series, very rocky at first but beginning to progress to the point of complete trust.