Kaoru Midou
Name Kaoru Midou
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Gender female
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Eyes Yellow
Hair Dark Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Hikaru
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation "Shrine Maiden"
Previous Occupation none
Personal Status
Marital Status Engaged
Relatives Hikaru (sister)
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut unknown
Anime Debut unknown
Video Game Debut unknown
Media Appearances unknown
Seiyū Matsuki Miyu
Voice Actor Brina Palencia

Appearance Edit

Kaoru is seen as a small, frail girl with large yellow eyes, short dark brown hair, and circular glasses. She is usually wearing her miko, her shrine maiden robe.

Personality Edit

Kaoru is a very shy girl who can sometimes be a crybaby, and is always accompanied by her sister, Hikaru Midou. She becomes jealous of Hazuki for living with Kohei, as they appear to have grown close.

History Edit

Kaoru is the sister of Hikaru. Despite being much younger than Hazuki, she is pledged by their parents to marry Kouhei when she grows up. While Hikaru is engaged to Seiji, Kaoru is engaged to Kouhei. Kaoru is more quiet and shy and can be a crybaby at times. But, despite her shyness, she can also be quite mean to Hazuki, but this might be possibly that she is jealous of Hazuki due to the fact Hazuki lives with Kohei.

Special Ability Edit

Kaoru is conjurer, able some spirits and demons to do her bidding(similar to Elfriede), she also has a magic ball of light that uses to store spirits in, once she even used it on Haiji, much to Hazuki's anger.

Relationships Edit

She is always with her sister, Hikaru Midou.